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Case Study: Employee Recognition

Learn how we transformed the vibe for energy company Inenco to one of good-vibes and appreciation.


Our Objective

  • Inenco, is a B2B energy solutions company that had recently celebrated its 50th Birthday. 

  • They were looking for a quick and easy way for colleagues to recognise each other for the great work that they do every day.

  • Current and past employee-of-the-month schemes were not working, with only a handful of nominations per month.

  • They wanted a modern and device flexible solution.

Our Results

  • 174 FanMails sent in first month (50% of workforce)

  • 36% Increase in Colleague engagement within 6 months

  • 66% of colleagues have received recognition

  • 83% of colleagues have recognised another colleague 

Fanclub made it really easy to send some appreciation to my great colleagues. It's a great feeling when that FanMail lands in your inbox. Really makes your day.

Sales Advisor



  • Inenco had a clear vision that they wanted to focus on colleague engagement. A recent engagement survey showed that only 33% of colleagues were engaged with the business.

  • One of the key areas of focus was ensuring colleagues felt valued and recognised for the great work they do.

  • Fanclub were engaged to review internal communications in order to ensure cut through on key company messages, bring clarity to communication channels and to develop a tone of voice.

  • As part of this work we implemented a low-cost recognition scheme which would see more colleagues recognised regularly and great work showcased across the business.

  • We'd recently worked with Inenco on a new intranet and the launch and design of their new company values & behaviours so this was a great opportunity to see these behaviours in action and celebrate them.


Our Solution

fc sol.jpg

Our sister company Fanclub Recognition provides employee recognition solutions and services to companies looking to recognise their staff.

We were already supporting Inenco with other communication projects and Fanclub was a perfect fit for them

Identified the motivation


  • We held a survey with colleagues to understand what they thought of recognition at Inenco and what would truly motivate them and make them feel appreciated.

  • We followed this up with focus groups to drill into these issues and found that simple appreciation was more desired than vouchers, money or any big events where only a few people benefit.


Removing barriers

  • Getting leaders on side is just as important as any system or tool you bring into your business.

  • So, we held several Ready to Recognise sessions with all the leaders including the Directors to help them overcome any issues using the tool and with their own view on what could or should be recognised.

Initial Launch


  • We implemented our Fan Mail tool to begin with, which was quick to launch and provided an easy way for people to start recognising each other.

  • We also created a communications campaign, which included a teaser campaign, how to videos and a launch day.




  • After a hugely successful 12 months using Fan Mail, the client wanted more integration and additional tools to support recognition and so they upgraded to Fan Hub, our full peer-to-peer social recognition platform.


Key Features & Benefits


Quick and easy recognition all day every day through any device


Showcase your company values and celebrate great behaviours when you see them


Truly social with profile pages, avatars and visibility of all the great work people do


Interactive with others' praise with comments and likes


Customisable to integrate with your brand and company feel


Securely stored and linked into your current HR system

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