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Chief Guru recognised on International Men's Day

Last Friday (19th November) was International Men’s Day – a day designed to celebrate the positive value men bring to the world, their families and communities. The day aims to highlight positive role models and raise awareness of men’s wellbeing.

If I’m honest, I may not have marked this day with a blog if it wasn’t for a just-in personal connection to the day (more of that in a moment) and that would have been wrong, because there are a huge number of inspirational men around the world whose contributions, achievements and positive influences should be shouted about. I am a true believer in the power of recognition and appreciation and think that it’s something that most of us could, and should, do more of!

And so, to the personal link and main reason for this short piece. I am so proud to write that my personal friend and professional partner-in-many-crimes, Founder and Head Guru, Paul Heaton, was nominated for special recognition by GSK on International Men’s Day. GSK is a company that we are incredibly proud to support with their internal comms, and it is a partnership that has now run with Paul for many years.

The nomination by GSK reads as follows:

"This person has:

  • Impressed with their passion and enthusiasm and the care they have shown to others.

  • Been invaluable as a coach to someone new in their role.

  • An abundance of patience, even giving up time outside their support hours to help others.

  • Has taught others so much through his creative flair, positive approach to anything that comes his way and the ability to make stuff happen.

  • Thank you for being a fantastic role model”

Needless to say, as a direct witness to this working relationship, I agree with every word (complete-and-utter-bias-notwithstanding) and I am very proud to assist Paul with this particular supporting partnership, and with all of our other clients at The Comms Guru.

Well done Paul, and thank you to GSK for the nomination.


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