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About Us

YAY! You made it past the homepage... now let's talk Gurus. Who are we? And how exactly do we roll?

What we do

We really get internal comms and we love what we do. All of our Gurus began their lives in operational businesses.

 (We weren't born there, but soon after!)

So we totally understand what works for your people, because we've been in their shoes. We also get that with all the huge challenges you face working in such a busy and often regulated industry - comms doesn't always get the effort, time or skill it deserves.

noun_hangover_2717967 copy.png

We enjoy the casual fling of a standalone project or campaign and then leaving you breathless and wanting more.


#onceyougoguru or so they tell us.

But we are equally fulfilled by a longer-term relationship if that’s what you need from us. 

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We’re not happy until you are set up for lasting comms success, self-sufficient and equipped for whatever challenges and changes your industry may throw at you.

what we do

What makes us different?

We pride ourselves on a friendly, fun, bespoke and personal service. We speak your language and like to get our hands dirty.

 (COVID STATEMENT: We shall bring our own PPE and bathe in hand sanitiser throughout)

Most communication peeps you meet specialise in a particular area of comms such as corporate/legal/copyrighting or graphic designers and marketing agencies who are great at making things look good, but lack the knowledge and experience of landing the content effectively in an operations business.


With our many (many) years experience both as Communications Managers and operational people on the ground, we can handle both:

  • the strategic big thinking and planning

  • whilst also delivering cost-effective visuals and media to bring your messages to life.

It makes us your one-stop shop for all of your internal communication needs.



Prefer videos to words? (us too)

Watch our quick video intro to the Gurus, then meet them below


Meet the Gurus

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