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Audience Polling & Engagement Apps

audience polling apps

Make your next conference or event an interactive experience with Live Polling, Q&A and Surveys accessible to all

We've partnered with Vevox to make virtual and live meetings unmissable where everyone's voice is heard.


Face to Face or Online

Engage your online or in person audience with live polling

Make face to face or virtual meetings and classes unmissable with real-time live polling. Get everyone involved and find out what they’re thinking. Vevox makes meetings more fun and ultimately more effective.

Imagine involving your audience right from the start. Take a live poll about how people are feeling or their understanding about a topic of situation.

With live results on the screen, you can spark a conversation and then re-take the same poll later in the session to see how the mood or understanding has transformed.

audience engagement apps

Take the sting out of Q&A

Everyone can share ideas and questions

Whether attendees are remote or in-person, spark participation with lively Q&As.


Audiences can ask questions anonymously, add 'likes' to comments and give feedback, either from their device or online. If you need to keep the conversation on track, discussions can be moderated.

There are no stupid questions - if somebody isn't clear they need some clarity. Vevox removes any uncomfortableness with raising your hand and being identified as the person asking that question - building trust with your employees and ensuring a truly engaging experience for all.

live polling apps

Talk to us

Our clients love the Vevox experience, which is why we have partnered with them.


Want to give it a try or would like some support with your next event then drop us a line

live polling apps
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