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Website Development

The Comms Guru - Web Development

Your external website is your calling card to the world. What does yours say about you?

It's not just about looking pretty either

(which, of course, is something we will make happen),

but it has to work for you, be easy to update, responsive to every device, and people need to be able to find you in the first place.

Once you get them on the site you want to keep them there

(and most importantly)

convert them into a quality lead.


"Your website is the centre of your digital eco-system, like a brick and mortar location, the experience matters once a customer enters, just as much as the perception they have of you before they walk through the door"


                                -   Leland Dieno (Vice President of Agency Media)

Leland Dieno

All the Gurus here at Guru HQ are creative beasts. Whilst it's true we specialise in internal communications, our skills and expertise with companies often extends to their external marketing and brand, and often this includes their websites and portals.


Whilst the look of your website is obviously very important, it also needs to tell your company story and highlight your personality and tone of voice  - which we are great at.

We have a specialist SEO Guru within our team who has years of experience planning and scoping websites to create a great user journey and bring in those all-important leads.

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White Crosses

How we roll

No matter what your starting point or what your web presence currently is, our process for working with you goes like this...


Scoping and Planning

Scoping and Planning - Lightbulb

The Starting Point


We start with a Scoping Session to understand what you are trying achieve with your website.

  • What are your objectives for the site?

  • Define your key pages

  • What features do you need?

  • What are your style preferences?

  • Competitor analysis

  • Conversion touch points

  • Hosting and CMS requirements

Structure & SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


This is all about mapping out the journey visitors take on your site and also ensuring they can find you in the first place


This includes:


  • An interactive Site Mapping session to understand how you want people to flow through the website.

  • Keyword research into your field of business to understand the search terms people are most likely to type in when searching for your business.

  • We then go away and develop an SEO Tree Map, which encompasses the agreed-upon website sitemap, overlaid with target keywords to optimise each page.



We then move onto wire-framing which is basically a low-res representation of what we think your key pages should look like and be organised.


This includes:


  • An interactive Wire-framing session to make amendments and work in collaboration with you to ensure you have all the key elements mapped out for your pages.

Anchor 1
Anchor 2


Design & Content Development

Branding & Style


We take a look at your current brand and how this works.

  • What's the image you want to portray with your new site?

  • What assets (eg logos, favicons) do you want use?

  • What colours?

  • What language?

If you don't currently have Brand Guidelines, we can help you develop them for a consistent look and feel throughout your whole marketing media (online and offline).

Or, if you've already got that in the bag, we can simply work with what you've got - We're sure it's wonderful.

Web Designing


Using the agreed brand and style, we then get to work on developing and designing a set of page templates that can be used across the whole site. Most sites have somewhere between 5 - 10 key layouts to cover every sort of content you want to display.

These take the low-res wireframes and bring your pages to life.

We design these offline but you get to see a working prototype of your site and how the finished product will look.

Content Development


We can take your current content and re-write it for you, or you can provide all the words and content yourself.

We will of course support you in optimising any copy you have to be search engine friendly and work with the layouts of the pages.

We offer full graphic design and video production from short explainer videos right through to interviews and vox pops for your website should you need them.


Design and Content Development (screen and rulers)
Anchor 3
Paper Structures


Build and GO-LIVE

Build and GO-LIVE (rocket)

Site Build


This is where things get really exciting. Our Developers take all the site designs and content and build your shiny new site in its new environment.

We develop completely responsive websites built to be more than just pretty to look at. They'll rank well in Google, be fast loading on mobile, and convert well with marketing rationale baked in. 

We also take care of all your analytics tracking and CRM integrations, ensuring that you can analyse in great detail the new website's performance from day dot.

We specialise in WordPress website builds in particular, and insist that the final site we hand over to you is accessible for you to edit and maintain.


Why? Because we don't believe it should cost the Earth (or require a developer) to update your own images or phone number if needed in the future.

Hosting and or Migration + GO LIVE


Once you have signed off the new website we will set about connecting your domain(s) to the new environment and ensuring all your previous traffic is not lost in the wind, and that your customers can find you easily no matter what addresses they have for you.

Whilst there is a science to building great websites, you shouldn't need a doctorate to keep it updated which is why we provide easy to use content management systems used the world over.


We can provide training so you can keep your site updated yourself, but will also offer great packages if you would prefer to leave all the maintenance, security and SEO up to scratch. 

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