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Internal Communications Strategy

internal communications strategy

A bespoke internal communications strategy designed for your business, project or programme

A kick-ass internal communications strategy for your business, project or programme will enable you to strategically link back all your communications to your key business priorities, values and objectives. 


Define your Objectives

We start by looking at what you want to achieve with your internal communications strategy...


We look at:

  • What's working for you and what could be improved

  • What changes you are trying to make and how we will achieve this

  • What do you want your people to feel, know and do?

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Key Messaging

Then we help you define what your key messages are...


We look at:

  • Your business priorities / objectives for the year ahead

  • Consistency of language to provide key words and phrases

  • The Values or Behaviours that guide how you operate

  • Key projects, programmes or milestones

Audience Profiling

Your business will be made up of different groups of people with different requirements and access to information or channels...


We look at:

  • Defining these groups of people

  • Aligning the right channels for successful communication

  • How they want to receive communications

Channel Mapping

What channels do you current have or require implementing?


We look at:

  • Aligning your channels to the right groups of people

  • Define each channel's purpose and reach

  • Frequency of use

  • Success criteria

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