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Communications Health Check

Internal Comms Health Check

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

Our Internal Comms Health Check puts your current communication channels and methods to the test to provide you with an external view of your internal messaging, what’s working, what isn’t, and what can be done to get you fighting fit.

How we roll...

In everything we do, we aim to engage with your people, and our Internal Comms Health Check experience is no exception.


From friendly focus sessions, surveys and in-depth interviews, we’ll get a real understanding of how internal communications is currently working for you today and how we can help develop some kick-ass solutions for your future needs.

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It begins with a triage meeting

Our aim here is to understand what you believe the issues are in your business, so we can look out for these challenges in our investigations. 


It’s also an opportunity for you to share with us any examples of things that have worked well for you in the past and what types of messaging haven’t landed as well as you had hoped.


We will ask you to complete an RFI (Request For Information). This is where you provide information about your structure, key people we should include in our sessions, alongside any recent feedback you have had from colleagues on comms and engagement, your communication channels, brand guidelines etc...



Our survey says...

We then take all this learning and create for you a short and snappy comms survey to get some quantitative feedback.


This will be shared with all people, at all levels, so we can understand the different experience they have of your messaging and channels.

This survey runs for about 2 weeks to ensure we get enough feedback to continue our work.


The doctor will see you now...

Whilst the survey is underway, we will arrange some 121 sessions with some of your key senior leaders, SMEs and IT people.


We need to understand their thoughts about communications and what their key challenges are. IT is also a key player here when it comes to your infrastructure, licenses and capability vs risk appetite.


We want to ensure whatever we prescribe (recommend) for you doesn’t have any nasty reactions.



Focusing in...

We then hold some sessions with your leaders and colleagues.


The purpose of this is to gather their thoughts and experience of how messaging currently lands, and any ideas they have on how this could be improved.

We speak to leaders and colleagues separately to enable open and honest conversations, and we explore the role of the leader in communication to identify any skill gaps or potential for development.

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Playback & Findings

We take everything we have heard and learnt from our investigations to produce you with a Health Check Report. This document will highlight our key findings and any common trends we have identified, alongside actionable recommendations for you to consider.

Our report includes:

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An Executive Summary of what we have learnt during our time with you.


A completed Channel Matrix of your current ways of communicating.


summary of our key Survey Findings.


Verbatim Quotes from our interviews and focus groups.

Our Recommendations for future actions, channels and solutions.

We will arrange a session with you to run through our report, at which you will have the opportunity to ask questions for a deeper understanding.

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