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10 Ideas for Internal Comms videos (part two)

Great reasons to use video in Internal Comms

Last week, on the back of our recent video on how to make good internal comms videos, we started a list of ten different types of internal comms video. You can find part one here.

We looked briefly at messages from leaders, training and explainer videos, culture videos and testimonials. And so, for our final post of 2022, let’s crack on and look at another five great uses for internal comms videos to engage, inspire and motivate your people.

6. Event promotion

Whatever the event, a promotional video is the best way to get your people excited about it (as well as giving them the information they need to attend!). It might be your upcoming conference or company-wide meeting. It might be the launch of a new incentive or benefits scheme.

If it’s a physical event, as well as sharing all the logistical details (the where, the when, the timetable and agenda, the dress code etc.), try to generate a bit of buzz by pointing out what will make this special – the reason for the get together, the venue, any guest speakers, the food, the staff awards. Consider staggering any reveals over a series of videos as part of a countdown to really build anticipation: “With just one month to go, we can now reveal that…”! (Just don’t leave the date, times, or location to the last minute, please!).

If it’s a launch of some kind, make sure the details and benefits are spelled out clearly, along with anything that employees might need to do to opt in.

You’ll want these videos to be pacey and look slick. Corporate isn’t usually a winning look for event promo videos. Eye-catching visuals and logos often work well, as does up-tempo music.

7. Survey findings

It’s all too common for annual staff surveys to be dismissed by employees as a pointless tick-box exercise by management or HR. If your response rates are disappointing, this could well be the reason. Do your people believe that these surveys make any difference? Do they feel they are being listened to? If you are listening to and acting off the back of staff surveys, then show them. A snappy, engaging “you said, we did” video that outlines the actions you have taken on the back of their feedback will demonstrate that their voices are being heard. Shorter meetings? Protected lunch breaks? More flexible working? Healthier options in the canteen? Better IT equipment? Car park potholes filled? Whatever they asked for that you’ve acted upon, shout about it in a video. Not only will trust and confidence in leadership improve, but your response rates for the next survey will rocket.

And use video to promote the upcoming survey itself! Issue the “you said, we did” video as part of the countdown to the next survey. Or, as with event promotion, stagger a few reveals of the things you’ve changed (or the changes underway) as part of the countdown.

Read more on this here.

8. Awareness campaigns

Brand awareness, new (-ish) incentives or initiatives, a recognition platform… There could be many things within your business that would benefit from an awareness campaign. It may be something that isn’t quite pulling the attention or engagement you think it needs or deserves. It may be something that’s been around for a while, but your newer employees don’t know (enough) about. It may just be a timely reminder of something fundamental to your business in the lead up to an event, a visit, or significant planned changes. Whatever the reason and whatever the subject matter, a bit of internal promo as an awareness campaign can work wonders in breathing new life into something.

The flavour of your awareness campaign will depend on the business, the topic, and the reason behind the campaign. Adjust your sliding scales of corporate-to-fun, conservative-to-provocative, and conventional-to-contemporary accordingly.

9. “A Day in the Life…”

‘A day in the life’ videos are a fun way to help everyone in your organisation know what everyone does. This means that their fun nature belies their importance in building trust and transparency across the whole organisation. If those on the (literal or metaphorical) factory floor think that the marketing department just sit around all day watching YouTube videos for inspiration for their next campaign, then show them all what they actually do and what they bring to the company.

These videos can also be great to share with new starters to help them better understand the makeup of the organisation and the roles that each department plays.

The emphasis of these videos should usually (though not always!) be fun. Follow an employee or a team around for a day and catch some candid moments and meaningful footage. Back this up with authentic interviews and reactions from those employees. Of course, some departments and roles lend themselves better to fun, light-hearted and engaging content than others, but this can be balanced by personnel selection, relevant humour and post-production tricks like editing and music. This is another example where a few outtakes can be interspersed to increase the fun factor.

10. Recognition and appreciation

Let’s end on a positive one. It’s nearly Christmas after all. A heartfelt thank you to a person or team, especially from the very top, can make a huge difference. We all want to know that our work is of value and is valued. We want to know that we’re contributing towards a greater success. And most of us want to feel that our efforts are seen, recognised, and appreciated by our leaders.

The joy of these videos is that they’re amongst the easiest to make and share. You don’t necessarily need any bangs, whistles, or fancy graphics – just an authentic thank you from a leader. Of course, some storytelling on why this person or team are being recognised, some explanation on the difference made or the challenges overcome, will only add meaning to the thank you. As with any good recognition setup, it will also inspire others to want to do the same. It has the power to drive productivity, problem-solving, collaboration and teamwork, as well as boosting morale, trust and a sense of belonging.

It doesn’t just have to be senior leaders in front of the camera either. If peers or colleagues have something to thank each other for, and they’re happy to have their fifteen minutes* of fame, then let them express their gratitude and explain why it meant so much to them. The morale boost for both thanker and thankee will be significant! (*But please don’t let them have 15 actual minutes. A minute or so will be more than enough!)

Ten ideas for Internal Comms videos

So, there we have it. Ten good reasons to employ short videos as an effective method of communication across any organisation. Video really should be a part of any modern Internal Comms strategy if you want to keep your people engaged and on board with your vision, values, priorities and objectives.

And if any of this seems a bit out of reach, it really isn’t. And nor are we. We’d love to say hi and see how we can help.

Until then, all that remains to say is…

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and here’s to a healthy and successful 2023 for us all.


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