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Why creative internal comms are more successful than corporate comms

creative internal comms are more successful

We know that Internal Comms, when done well, can help to create a sense of belonging and build a strong culture of interconnectedness and collaboration. However, corporate internal comms often fail to capture our people's attention. This is where creative internal communication comes into play. Creative comms is our bread and butter here at Guru HQ; it’s what we enjoy the most. And here are some of the advantages that creative comms can offer over the more traditional, or more corporate kind.

Increased engagement

One of the key benefits of embedding creative comms into your strategy is that they are more likely to engage our employees than more corporate (dare I say “stuffy”?) comm. Creative communications can take many forms, from short videos, podcasts, and infographics to interactive quizzes and games. These types of comms are far more likely to capture our employees' attention, as they are both entertaining and informative. They can also provide an opportunity for employees to interact with the company in a more fun and engaging way. All of this can help to foster a greater sense of loyalty and commitment.

Greater authenticity

Whilst some old-schoolers might think that the fun, light-hearted, or interactive elements of more creative comms can “cheapen their brand” or rob them of gravitas, creative comms can actually greatly increase the perceived authenticity of what is being said. The best example is using video to share messages from senior leaders. The authenticity, empathy, reassurance, encouragement, or even urgency that can be delivered via a short talking head video message (with all the power of expression, tone of voice and body language) will never be recreated through words on a screen or piece of paper, no matter how well written.

Improved retention

When employees are engaged and invested in their work, they are more likely to stay with their employer for a longer period. Creative internal comms can help to create a positive workplace culture that fosters employee retention. By incorporating creativity and fun into internal communications, companies can demonstrate that they value their employees' experience and are committed to creating a positive and enjoyable workplace environment. This, in turn, can help to increase employee satisfaction, reduce turnover, and improve overall performance.

Creative internal comms for your organisation

Enhanced audience understanding

Creative comms can really help your audience to understand and retain the information you are sharing. Attention-grabbing visuals will capture attention and pique interest, meaning your audience are interested from the start and more likely to remember the key facts presented to them. Similarly, information presented in a unique and creative way can be more memorable for your audience because our brains process information differently when it is presented in a novel or unexpected way. Creative communications can also create an emotional connection with an audience and, when people feel emotionally invested in a message, they are more likely to understand and remember it.

Finally, internal comms often involve complex information, such as company policies, procedures, statistics, or technical details. Being creative with those comms can help to simplify this information and make it more accessible and understandable for the audience. “A picture speaks a thousand words…” and all that!

Increased creativity across the business

Creative internal comms not only engage employees. They can also inspire them to be more creative in their own work. By demonstrating that the company values creativity and innovation, employees are more likely to feel encouraged and empowered to bring their own ideas and perspectives to the table. This can lead to a more collaborative and innovative workplace, with employees working together to find new and creative solutions to problems.

Greater brand advocacy

Creative internal comms can also help to build brand advocacy among employees. When employees feel that they are part of a company that values and invests in them, they are more likely to feel proud of their work and their employer. This can lead to greater brand advocacy, with employees serving as ambassadors for the company both inside and outside of the workplace.

More inclusive

Traditional corporate internal comms can sometimes be overly formal or complex, which can make them difficult for some employees to understand or engage with. Creative internal comms, on the other hand, are often designed to be more inclusive and accessible, using a variety of media to reach employees with different learning styles and preferences. This can help to ensure that all employees feel engaged and valued, regardless of their background or experience.

Don’t just take our word for it…

"Effective communication is key to business success, and creative internal comms can be a powerful tool for engaging employees and driving positive change. By using a variety of formats and channels, and embracing innovation and experimentation, organizations can build a culture of communication that empowers and inspires their people."

- Forbes, "Why Creative Internal Communications Are Essential For Business Success," 2020.

help with creative internal comms

By incorporating creativity, interactivity, and, where appropriate, fun into internal communications, we can all create a positive workplace culture that fosters employee retention, improves performance, and ultimately drives success. And if your creative juices aren’t flowing, why not give us a shout. Let’s get our heads together and come up with something that’ll really hit the spot!


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