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Case Study: Employee Strategy Event

How we worked with a global university pathway provider to plan, organise and create engaging content for their global workforce which saw us shortlisted for 2 industry awards.

Our Objective

  • Unite a workforce that hasn't convened in person since the pandemic.

  • Launch and embed the Strategic Plan to align the business.

  • Develop an event with an 80% approval rating that accommodates business and client needs.

  • Accommodate 80 overseas staff, including hotel and venue bookings.

  • Develop an inclusive agenda relevant to all departments and stakeholders.

  • Ensure time for both collaboration and ongoing business activities.

  • Aligning the event schedule with business peaks and holidays.

  • Coordinating travel for international staff amidst potential disruptions.

  • Creating an engaging content agenda suitable for all employees.



NCUK, a remote-first education business with a global workforce, saw a need to foster collaboration and innovation, and to launch a new five-year growth strategy.


With colleagues spread across the UK, Asia, and the Americas, the strategic leadership team decided to bring everyone together for the first time in five years.


The event provided a unique opportunity for Chinese colleagues to visit the UK post-pandemic, strengthening relationships and celebrating achievements since their last in-person meeting in 2019.

Stuart Smith CEO of NCUK


In collaboration with the excellent team at NCUK, The Comms Guru played a pivotal role in designing and planning Horizons Week, a comprehensive week-long event that brought together NCUK's global workforce. Emphasising the company's core values and industry focus, The Comms Guru expertly branded the event to reflect NCUK’s commitment to collaboration, innovation, and excellence with a specific name for each day of the week-long event.


We orchestrated a series of engaging workshops, dynamic team-building activities, and a strategy conference featuring key speakers, including students from some of NCUK's leading universities. This meticulous planning ensured that each element of the event was aligned with NCUK's mission and values, fostering a sense of unity and purpose among attendees.

Horizons Week Agenda

To enhance the professional and engaging atmosphere of the conference, The Comms Guru utilised the latest in tech and audiovisual (AV) solutions. This included the integration of an audience engagement platform, Vevox, which allowed attendees to interact in real time by submitting questions and opinions that appeared live on the screen.


This innovative approach not only kept the audience engaged but also ensured their voices were heard, creating an inclusive and interactive experience.


The seamless blend of technology and strategic content delivery underscored The Comms Guru's ability to execute a high-calibre event that resonated deeply with its audience, leaving a lasting impact on NCUK’s global team.

NCUK Employees at Horizons Week
NCUK Employees at Horizons Week
Key Speaker at Horizons Week
Key Speaker at Horizons Week
Q&A Panel using Vevox live at Horizons Week
Student Panel



The Result

Attendees gave the whole week an impressive  4.5  out of 5 score in the feedback, with the team-building day and strategy day scoring particularly high with  4.7  and  4.6  scores.


Colleagues described the event as  fun  well-organised , and  interactive , fostering a positive atmosphere and meaningful connections.


Horizons Week successfully united colleagues from across the globe, with significant strategic announcements and collaborative sessions. The event facilitated new ways of working, particularly between Business Development and University Partnerships, fostering regional collaboration.


Feedback indicated a resounding success, with attendees appreciating the blend of professional and personal development opportunities.

The event has since been shortlisted for 2 awards at the ICE Awards in London (UK) and New York (US).

The Result
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