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Case Study: Intranet Solution

How we increased colleague engagement and process adherence by creating a one stop, feature-rich digital solution for colleagues communication and knowledge management requirements.

Our Objective

  • Our solution had to be maintainable by a shared service communications team with an audience of over 4,000 colleagues split across 2 directorates, 7 business areas and 6 locations.

  • It also had to enable the closure of 7 existing intranet sites and all existing knowledge management tools to provide a cost saving of £250,000 per year in existing support contracts.

Our Results

  • 140% increase in user engagement

  • 11.5% decrease in process errors

  • 5.4% increase in colleague engagment

  • Enabled the closure of 7 historic sites

  • Cost saving of over £250,000 per year


  • The business was going through a radical change in both structure and culture, necessitating outstanding and robust internal communications and engagement to support the new strategy.

  • The company had a limited number of communication channels and had, over the years, created 7 bespoke sites for each area that was now coming together under a new structure.

  • Each site had been built upon ageing web platforms with limited or no support for the software. This, in turn, had become key-man dependent and both timely and costly to keep updated.

  • Communications and engagement scores, as well as user confidence, were low and key messages were failing to get through. A number of teams had taken to creating their own 'bible' to serve customers, which resulted in out of date or incorrect processes being followed.


Our Solution

theplace site.jpg

We built a brand new interactive intranet from the ground up, with insight from the colleagues who would be using the solution every day.


The site was split into two sections...


  • theplace for communications and engagement content.

  • theknow for business specific knowledge management such as processes, how to guides and marketing information.


This helped the users find the information quickly whilst seamlessly sharing information across both sides of the site, reducing duplication and ensuring one version of the truth.

  • Each business area had their own user profile, enabling specific and relevant information to be displayed through unique newsfeeds, navigation and search.

  • This resulted in both local and business wide messaging becoming more accessible and reaching a larger and more relevant audience.

  • We were also able to restrict certain processes to specific profiles, removing the risk of confusion and ensuring compliance of similar processes across the different departments.

theknow site.jpg

Key Features & Benefits


Targeted content banners enabling internal advertisement of news and features to colleagues.


Newsfeeds pulling content in for the 'Wider Business', 'Business Area Specific ' and 'Location' news and content.


Business Area specific navigation and localised search and user polls.


2 way communication opened up through the use of polls and comment modules.


A new analytics package providing valuable insight into popular pages and news/process readership


Version control in place to allow one team to keep the site updated and only one version of the truth

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