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Case Study: Meeting Platform

How we brought engaging content to everyone, every month, including hard-to-reach audiences with limited access to digital channels.


Our Objective

  • Our solution needed to provide engaging content every month to a difficult-to-reach audience who work within a production or lab environment.

  • Enable more leadership visibility with frontline colleagues.

  • Ensure the key messages were delivered and understood by all levels of the organisation.

  • Provide tracking of the activity and feedback from the users on the content to allow continuous improvement.

Our Results

  • 12 point increase* in engagement index scores

  • 55% increase in team meetings taking place

  • Excellent feedback on content being more engaging and better understood

  • Average content scores of 4.1** out of 5 and climbing

* Data taken from annual employee survey results taken from the business using Touchpoint on a monthly basis

** 1- Poor, 2 - Not Great, 3 - Good, 4 - Great, 5 Excellent

I actually look forward to our monthly meetings now. The videos are great and hearing directly from the Leadership Team is fantastic.​

Team Leader



  • With over 50% of all employees working in a production environment, these colleagues did not have easy access to the usual digital channels such as the intranet, email and workplace (facebook at work).

  • We’d done a lot of work with this company to transform their bi-annual people events to make them more interactive, however there was a gap in monthly key messages reaching the frontline and lack of accessible content for monthly meeting cascades.

  • There was also no record of Team Meetings taking place or any process for feedback and content improvement.


Our Solution

tp logo-2.png

We were already busy developing a team meeting solution, Touchpoint, and GSK was the perfect customer to trial this.


Touchpoint is our monthly team meeting platform that businesses can use to help cascade key messages and track the occurrence of team meetings in their business.

Understanding the audience


  • We took this concept and spoke to their staff to understand what types of content they would like to hear about and from whom.

  • Previous team meeting content relied heavily on the interpretation of slides that were often too content-heavy and performance-focused and not relevant to every audience.

  • We worked with the key contributors to develop content that was more engaging, using videos, voiceover and visual based slides.

team discussion.jpg

We divided the content to provide:

  • Core: This is content that was applicable to all colleagues and should be delivered.

  • Optional: additional content that could be shared if of interest to that team, such as project updates.

  • Local: an area where Business Units could develop their own localised content to be accessed on demand right from the team leader.

Empowering the presenters


  • This empowered presenters to be able to run their meeting their own way and use this time effectively to provide bigger picture messages alongside local messaging whilst leaving plenty of time for team discussion.

  • Touchpoint can be delivered in person with a screen or projector, but also as a virtual meeting over MS Teams or Google hangouts, Zoom etc.


Flexible delivery

  • The platform was designed to be topic based to prevent overload of information but also as a tile that would reveal content.

  • We worked with the client to arrange some touchscreen TVs to be installed on site to take it to the next level, providing an immersive and truly interactive experience, allowing leaders to literally touch the content.


Key Features & Benefits


Layered content to empower leaders to select relevant content for teams.


Tracking that meetings are taking place and identifying where they may not be.


Device friendly, viewable on mobile, tablet, laptop/PC, touchscreen TVs and virtual meetings.


Rated content to allow for continuous improvement direct from the audience.


Engaging content through the use of voiceovers, video and visual slide content.


Securely stored content integrated with Microsoft 356 security protocols.

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