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An internal comms agency can actually help increase your sales - here’s how

At first glance, it might not seem immediately apparent how an internal communications (comms) agency could be a significant player in boosting your sales. However, the landscape of consumer behaviour and employee engagement is shifting in such a way that these internal mechanisms are becoming increasingly crucial to external business success.

Traditionally, internal and external communications have been viewed as distinct areas, each with its own focus and strategies. Yet, in today's market, these lines are blurring. As businesses aim for transparency and authenticity, the way they communicate internally often reflects outwardly, influencing public perception and customer decisions.

This homogenisation of internal and external communications means that how a company treats its employees and engages them can directly impact its sales. In an age where consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that align with their moral values, the internal culture of a company can be a significant draw. Customers are increasingly attracted to brands that treat their employees well, as this is seen as a reflection of the brand’s overall ethical stance and reliability.

Employee engagement and consumer perception

A robust internal communications strategy does more than just keep employees informed; it engages and motivates them. This engagement is crucial because motivated employees are more likely to share their positive work experiences on social media and in their personal circles. Each positive mention or shared experience can resonate with potential customers, influencing their perception of the brand.

Furthermore, a positive internal environment that promotes employee wellbeing can lead to higher levels of customer service, another critical factor in driving sales. Happy employees are more likely to deliver the kind of customer experiences that lead to positive reviews and repeat business. In contrast, a disengaged employee can contribute to a negative customer experience, harming the brand's reputation and its sales.

The role of an internal comms agency

An internal comms agency specialises in crafting effective communication strategies that enhance employee engagement and promote a positive corporate culture. These agencies help businesses articulate their values and missions internally, ensuring that these messages resonate throughout the organisation.

By developing tailored communication strategies that reflect the brand’s identity and values, internal comms agencies help create a unified voice across the company. This unity not only boosts morale and employee satisfaction but also ensures that the external messaging is consistent with what is happening inside the company. When employees understand and believe in the brand's mission, they become its most authentic advocates, embodying the brand’s values in every customer interaction.

Great internal comms foster a sense of belonging and pride among employees. When employees feel valued and part of a collective goal, they are more likely to share their positive experiences online and offline. This organic and genuine advocacy is invaluable as it reaches potential customers in a relatable and trustworthy manner, significantly enhancing the brand’s appeal and directly supporting sales growth.

So yes, internal comms can equate to higher sales

In conclusion, the influence of an internal comms agency extends far beyond the confines of internal office communications. By fostering a transparent, engaging, and positive workplace, an internal comms partner can help cultivate environments where employees are motivated to share their positive experiences. 

In today’s consumer market, where moral alignment and ethical considerations are prominent, never underestimate the power of effective internal communications in achieving external business success.


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