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Can an internal communications agency save your business money?

Every investment decision a company makes often boils down to two primary objectives: increasing revenue or reducing costs. Sometimes, the avenues to achieve these goals are straightforward, such as entering new markets or cutting unnecessary expenditures. However, other strategies, particularly those concerning employee management and communication, can have less obvious but equally significant financial impacts. An internal communications agency, whilst not an area that may immediately spring to mind, can be an important element in this subtle strategy of cost-saving. 

The role of internal comms in employee satisfaction

One of the most direct ways an internal comms agency can help save money is by boosting employee satisfaction. Research consistently shows that satisfied employees are less likely to leave their jobs, reducing the high costs associated with staff turnover, such as recruiting, hiring, and training new workers. A proficient internal comms agency ensures that employees are aware of company developments, feel their voices are heard, and understand their role in the larger corporate narrative - all of which contribute to higher job satisfaction.

Informed employees are productive employees

When employees are well-informed and engaged, they develop a stronger connection to their workplace. This alignment increases their motivation to work efficiently, pulling together towards common business goals. An internal comms agency can help create a unified vision by delivering clear, consistent, and compelling messages about the company's objectives and strategies. When employees row in the same direction, the synergy can lead to significant productivity gains, which, in turn, can lead to cost reduction through better use of time and resources.

Maximising uptake in employee benefits and engagement programs

Many companies invest in employee engagement schemes to boost morale and productivity. However, without proper communication, the potential of these programmes often goes unrealised. An internal comms agency can effectively broadcast these initiatives, encouraging greater participation and ensuring that employees understand and engage with the benefits available. This strategic communication prevents the wastage of resources on underused programmes and avoids the costs of continually testing new initiatives.

Hiring an agency can be more cost-effective than an employee

While the thought of hiring an external agency might seem like an additional expense, it can actually be more cost effective than employing a full-time staff member to manage internal communications. Agencies bring a wealth of experience and a wide array of resources that can be scaled according to the company's needs. This flexibility allows businesses to receive expert services without the ongoing costs of salaries, benefits, and other employee-related expenses.

Reducing the impact of negative public employee sentiment 

A company’s reputation is not just built on customer reviews but also on feedback from current and former employees. Negative reviews on platforms like Glassdoor and across social media can tarnish a company's image and make it harder to attract top talent, subsequently increasing hiring costs. An internal comms agency can help manage how the company is perceived internally, ensuring that grievances are addressed before they escalate to public forums, thus maintaining a positive employer brand that attracts rather than repels potential employees.


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