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Should you hire an internal comms agency? 10 questions to ask of your organisation

There’s a wealth of fantastic content available about the merits of engaging an internal communications agency—including insightful articles right here on The Comms Guru! The benefits of such an investment are clear, from enhanced employee engagement to streamlined messaging. 

However, deciding whether your organisation truly needs external support is not always straightforward. To aid in this decision-making process, consider these critical questions that probe the health of your internal communications and the overall engagement within your company.

1. Are staff happy?

Employee satisfaction is a cornerstone of organisational success. Unhappy staff are often less productive and may contribute to a negative workplace atmosphere. Regular feedback sessions, surveys, and one-on-ones can provide insights into employee happiness. If discovering discontent is common, it might be time to look at how an internal comms agency can help improve morale.

2. Are staff engaged?

Engagement goes beyond mere job satisfaction; it encompasses how invested employees feel in their roles and the company. An engaged employee is enthusiastic, committed, and willing to go the extra mile. If you're noticing a lack of initiative or dwindling participation in company activities, these could be signs that your internal communications strategies need a boost.

3. Is there a high update in existing employee benefits schemes?

The usage rate of employee benefits is a telling indicator of how well these perks are communicated and perceived by your staff. Low uptake could suggest that employees are unaware of the benefits available or do not see them as valuable. An internal comms agency can help clarify and promote these benefits more effectively.

4. What’s your staff turnover like?

High employee turnover can be a symptom of various underlying issues, including poor communication. If you’re losing many employees, it’s crucial to understand why. Effective internal communication can help address misunderstandings and misalignments with company culture.

5. What percentage of new starters are making it to one year?

Retention rates, especially within the first year of employment, can reveal much about the onboarding process and initial job satisfaction. If fewer than expected are reaching this milestone, consider whether your internal communications are effectively supporting new hires.

6. Does everyone know your company values?

A clear understanding of company values is essential for fostering a unified corporate culture. If employees seem unclear about these foundational aspects, enhancing communication can reinforce their significance.

7. Does everyone know your company mission, purpose, and direction?

Similar to company values, the mission and direction of the company should be clearly articulated and understood by all employees. Confusion here can lead to misaligned efforts and strategies.

8. Are your leaders visible and (seemingly) transparent?

Visibility and transparency from leadership are vital for trust and morale. Leaders should regularly communicate with staff and be involved in company-wide updates. If this isn’t happening, it might be beneficial to have an agency facilitate these communications.

9. Do you have a person or team dedicated to internal comms?

The presence of a dedicated internal communications team can significantly influence the effectiveness of your messaging. Internal comms are a full-time job, not something that someone in your HR team tries to pick up after their other duties. If your organisation lacks this, an agency could provide the necessary expertise and support.

10. Do you have an internal comms strategy written down?

Having a formal, documented internal communications strategy helps ensure consistency and clarity. If your strategy is more ad-hoc, consider formalising it with professional help.

Bonus: Are all your existing internal communications email-based?

If so - boring! Relying solely on email for internal communications can lead to information overload and message fatigue. Exploring diverse communication channels might be necessary to keep employees informed and engaged, as well as creative media such as video and interviews with leadership.

So - do you need an internal comms agency?

How did you answer these questions? If your responses suggest gaps in your internal communications, it might be time to consider professional help. An internal comms agency like The Comms Guru can offer tailored strategies and solutions to enhance your organisation’s internal dialogue. If you’re contemplating this investment, why not request a quick call to explore how we can assist in refining and revitalising your internal communications?


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