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What does an internal communications agency do?

The role of clear, cohesive, and engaging internal communications has never been more important in the corporate world. Organisations across the globe are recognising the critical importance of effective internal communications in building a positive organisational culture, boosting employee engagement, and driving business success - especially in a post-pandemic era.

With the increasing complexity of internal communications, many companies are now opting for the expertise of specialist third-party agencies to either support or fully manage parts of their human resources functions. These internal communications agencies bring to the table a depth of knowledge and resources that are invaluable, especially to companies that are new to the concept of outsourcing their people communications. 

But what exactly does an internal communications agency do?

Services an internal comms agency provides 

An internal communications agency provides a wide range of services tailored to enhance and streamline a company's communication with its employees. Here’s an in-depth look at their core services:

Comms health checks

The journey to improving internal communications often starts with a comprehensive comms health check. This service involves a thorough assessment of a company's existing internal communications strategy, channels, and practices. An internal communications agency evaluates how well the current efforts align with the organisation's goals and identifies any gaps or areas needing improvement. This evaluation can cover everything from email open rates to employee survey responses, providing a clear picture of what's working and what's not. The outcome is a set of actionable insights that pave the way for a more effective communication strategy.

Comms strategy development

Developing a comms strategy is central to the offerings of an internal communications agency. This involves crafting a detailed plan that specifies the goals of internal communications, the key messages to be communicated, the channels to be used, and the metrics for success. The agency works collaboratively with the company to ensure that the strategy is aligned with the company’s vision and objectives and also resonates with the employees. This strategic approach ensures that communications are consistent, targeted, and impactful, contributing to a more informed and engaged workforce.

Event management

Corporate events, including town halls, workshops, and team-building activities, play a crucial role in internal communications. An internal communications agency can take charge of the entire process, from conceptualisation to execution. These events are powerful platforms for reinforcing company values, encouraging team cohesion, and ensuring that strategic messages are communicated in an interactive and memorable way. The agency ensures that these events are both well-organised and aligned with the company's internal communications goals.

Creative content creation

In today’s digital age, engaging content is key to capturing the attention of employees. An internal communications agency specialises in creating compelling content that goes beyond traditional emails and memos. This includes videos, photography, infographics, and other creative formats that can make internal communications more appealing and effective. By leveraging professional content creation, companies can ensure that their messages stand out and have a lasting impact on their audience.

Training and development

Effective internal communications require skills and knowledge, both in creating content and in using various communication tools. An internal communications agency offers training and development programs tailored to these needs. These programs can range from workshops on effective writing and storytelling to training sessions on using digital communication platforms. By empowering employees and leaders with the right skills, companies can ensure that their internal communications are both efficient and engaging.

Tone of voice development

The tone of voice used in internal communications significantly influences how messages are perceived by employees. An internal communications agency helps companies define or refine their tone of voice to ensure it is consistent, authentic, and aligned with their corporate identity. This can involve workshops and guidelines that help content creators across the organisation maintain a unified tone that speaks directly to the workforce, enhancing clarity and connection.

Employee recognition programs

Acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of employees is a powerful motivator and an essential element of internal communications. An internal communications agency assists companies in developing and implementing employee recognition programs that highlight both individual and team contributions. These programs can boost morale, foster a positive work environment, and encourage high performance, making them a key strategy for employee engagement.

Audience engagement strategies

Ensuring that internal communications reach employees and engage them is a critical challenge. An internal communications agency develops comprehensive engagement strategies that leverage the right mix of content types and communication channels. From interactive digital platforms to feedback mechanisms, these strategies are designed to captivate employees' attention and encourage active participation, ensuring that internal communications are a two-way street.

Work with a specialist internal comms agency today

Internal communications agencies offer a breadth of services designed to transform the way companies communicate with their employees. From conducting initial comms health checks to developing sophisticated audience engagement strategies, these agencies provide the expertise and resources needed to create an effective internal communications ecosystem. 

If your company is seeking to enhance its internal communications and is looking for a partner to help shape and execute a comprehensive strategy, The Comms Guru is here to assist. Our deep understanding of the nuances of internal communications can help your company not only convey its messages but also inspire and engage your workforce at every level. Get in touch with our gurus today.


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